Project Seed

Off grid web server for the developing world

The internet is humanities nervous system, yet more than four billion people lack reliable access. Project Seed is a small step towards created a distributed network that empowers local communities with the benefits of the internet.

How it works:

Seed is an off grid web server configured as a wireless access point. Anyone within range (approx. 350 ft.) can access Seed on either their mobile or desktop computer. Seed is mounted with a TB of local storage filled with meaningful information for wikipedia, MIT open courseware and 'Free the Children'. We've specifically implemented an Ebola prevention section, as Seed 1.0 will be deployed in Africa.

Seed not only stores valuable information, but also hosts local applications - it's a full functioning LEMP server (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP). Seed Chat is the first deployed application. It can be used as both a general public forum as well as an emergency communication tool during natural disasters.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi, long range wireless antenna, 10,000mAh battery, 1TB external hard drive and various other components required for initial configuration.

Further development:

The obvious next steps are to scale up the servers, extend the range and form mesh networks between nodes. Regardless, Seed 1.0 built at Hack the North will be shipped to Liberia, Africa - a locally hit particularly hard by the Ebola outbreak.

Knowledge is power.

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