An all in one cloud interface which allows complete wearable remote monitoring and control of all your smart devices.

The uTrol is a story of struggle to stay together, trouble to stay awake and unreasonable anger towards inanimate objects.

By fusing several technologies together via a centralized hub the uTrol is able to augment the human body such that it becomes the ultimate universal remote control. The inspiration behind this product is the utopian life style demonstrated in the animated film Wall-E, our end goal is to establish such a society.

The target user is currently the lazy, but we would like to eventually expand to other markets.

Key features include the seamless transition between devices being controlled or monitored with one simple action on your pebble watch, no requirement to re-set-up or calibrate a myo every time a new device is introduced and trivial integration with existing products to bring them to the standards of the future. Being hosted in the cloud, and branded as an easy-to-interface toolkit package, uTroll will fuel the already quickly accelerating IoT industry due to its expanded compatibility to turn anything into a wifi and/or bluetooth enabled motion gesture controlled device.

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