Rush keeps your running music up to you don't have to!

We came to this hackathon wanting to build an app that was both challenging and stimulating. Rushed workout playlists are a common problem today and relying on playlists from external sources isn't always customized. We decided to build an app that matches a song to your current walking/running pace using BPM detection. This motivates users to continue at their current pace. In addition, we built an intelligent shuffle so that songs never repeat. Another problem that athletes experience is the hassle of taking out their phone during a workout to change the song. Myo integration solves this problem by allowing the user to control music playback using gestures.

The language we chose to build our iOS app was Swift because we wanted to challenge our team to collaborate and learn a new language. It was incredibly fun to see this app come together and be a part of this hackathon.

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